Freshman Orientation

Posted by Evan Collins on September 22, 2016 in News |

As a new school year approaches so do many questions.

“Will I make good friends? What are my teachers going to be like? Can I make straight As?”

For entering a new chapter of your life there’s high school and coming into a new place can be difficult. Elyria High Schools Link crew can break the ice!

On August 15th,  9th graders planning to attend were invited to orientation day. Here they played games then went with their assigned LINK crew leaders. Link crew leaders are 11th and 12th graders who applied to a leadership position as a role model and mentor to to students in the lower grades. Each leader had a group of students that they gave a tour of the high school to, visited the gym containing booths with the multiple club and activity options, as well as participated in games and discussion so the incoming students could be acclimated to the school and get to know each other.

As a sophomore this year looking back on my freshman year, orientation really helped me get off to a great start in my high school career. In a large building like this you could get lost and with so many peers its hard to get to know people and having Link Crew’s support to start off with is another reason why any students can achieve success. I’m very thankful for the teachers and students that made it happen.

The 2016 – 2017 school year is off to a great start!




Marching Band

Posted by Madeline Maiher on September 21, 2016 in Music |

Marching Band What season is it? You guessed it! Marching season.

Our band has put so much effort into practice and perfecting their marching, playing and dancing this year. This year’s band now includes freshman! Wow, what a big change right? That means more practice, more effort, more pride, and more determination.

You can’t just come to a game for football. You also have to come for the marching band!

They use majority of their free time to perfect the band itself. Become one with the band.


The Pros and Cons of Homework

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By: Ryan Bates

When we hear the word homework near the end of class, most of us sigh or groan, knowing that’s more time we have lost in our day. That is one of the reasons that so many students dislike homework, but for now, I’m going to tell you some of the pros, as well as cons, of homework.

When you do your homework, your brain gets a nice review of what you have learned and is more likely to absorb it better than it would just letting it sit there in the back of your mind when you get home; it also increases good habits for studying and overall preparedness, plus it shows your independent working skills. The last pro I will mention is that it is sort of like a quick way for your teacher to understand what you know and what you don’t. Likewise, it would be easier for them to help you.

With all those pros, there’s bound to be some cons. Students with large and/or frequent work loads tend to lose more leisure/family time as well as the time to receive a good night’s sleep. However, students who take their work home to finish can cheat off the internet or a friend, which doesn’t benefit them; this destroys the point of homework and it can also drop interest level of certain subjects that might have at one point piqued their interests. It also doesn’t help if they don’t fully understand the subject and spend more time stressing over one problem or even just skipping it to copy at school. Most importantly, it might be the thing that makes or breaks a grade, depending on the assignment; in turn, this causes a lot of pressure on the student.

By the looks of it, the cons outweigh the pros in many ways, but overall, I can see the point of homework. Used right, it can be very effective, though we could all do without three two-page assignments per night. It would be easier if a compromise was found , such as the teachers taking a day for an open review of what you have learned, or possibly, what will be on the next test; focusing on the quality of assignments rather than the quantity. Remember, every assignment you do, someone has to grade hundreds of them, so go easy on your teacher when they give you homework; It’s just as tedious for them as it is for you.


EHS Cultural Festival! Come and see!

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Elyria High School Student Council will be hosting a Cultural Festival in the EHS cafeteria from 3-6 pm on Wednesday September 21st.

The festival is a school wide festival that is put together by students and run by clubs. All of the clubs put together booths and stands for guests to enjoy. The festival is open to the community so anyone and everyone can come.

It is a great way for clubs to publicize, fund raise, and just have fun. Furthermore, it is a wonderful opportunity for the parents and the community members to see what Elyria High School is all about.

The festival is based off of a Japanese tradition where clubs and classes put together booths and events for a weekend of fun for everyone to experience in a school wide cultural festival. This cultural festival will be much shorter, but just as fun event! The clubs have put together activities, food, raffles, and much more just for you.

So spread the word and come and see what the EHS students have in store for you! Hope to see you there.


Common Grounds Canopy Tours

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By: Ashley Moen

Common Grounds is a non-profit organization. At Common Grounds you can experience canopy tours, camping, leadership camps, adventure challenges, exploration days, ropes courses, workplace retreats, and conscious living.

Over the weekend I was able to enjoy the canopy tours for the second time at Common Grounds and it was amazing! The canopy tours are a zip-lining adventure through the trees that you won’t forget.


Aaron Moen -class of 2020

The 2 hour zip-lining adventure consists of 7 zips, 2 spiral stair cases, a floating stair case, and 3 suspension bridges. Not once do you step foot on the ground during the tour. You are among the trees the whole time, and the view you get is one for the memory books.

Ashley Moen- class of 2017. On the only floating stair case in the USA.

Ashley Moen- class of 2017. On the only floating stair case in the USA.

The guides are very informative and welcoming. They keep you strapped in for the entire tour, and make sure that you are safe. While you zip away, be sure to look around at the amazing view. Being high up in nature is not something you can forget.

Aaron, Ashley, and Julie Moen, plus one of the tour guides. On a suspension bridge

Aaron, Ashley, and Julie Moen, plus one of the tour guides. On a suspension bridge

More then 7,000 people, from over 30 countries have come to enjoy the canopy tours at Common Grounds“. The tour is for all ages as well. From ages 10-87, everyone can enjoy this tree top adventure. Those who complete the tour talk about the adrenaline rush and the amazing feeling that zipping around the trees gives you. It can be very scary, but once your done you will not regret it.


Aaron, Ashley, and Julie Moen. Leaning over the edge of the platform.

Alex Moen, an EHS alumni enjoyed her time on the tour last year well. She even decided to get a job there and helped guide tours on the weekend. She got to zip high in the air, right next to the trees, and get paid to do so. She described it as “cool and a fun way to challenge yourself and face your fears”.

Julie Moen. Repelling down off the last platform.

Julie Moen. Repelling down off the last platform.

Julie Moen, who worked with the high ropes at Common Grounds, has already done the tour once before. She still enjoys the experience. As she puts “it is awesome”.

Aaron Moen, an EHS Freshman, was able to enjoy the canopy tours for the first time over the weekend as well. He was very nervous and excited at first. By the end of it he expressed that “it was fun and enjoyable”. Although he did find waiting for the group to finish the zip so we could move onto the next one slightly boring.

Aaron, Ashley, and Julie Moen. Posing for a family picture.

Aaron, Ashley, and Julie Moen. Posing for a family picture.

The Canopy Tours at Common Grounds is an amazing experience that is enjoyable for all. It makes you get out of your comfort zone, and try something new. Each zip is different from the last, giving you a new adventure with each platform. Common Grounds is also extremely environmental friendly. When constructing the platforms and cables for the zips and setting them up all the materials where carried over by hand. They were even carried across a river using a pulley system. They are very big on making sure their facilities are environmentally friendly. Knowing this just adds to the experience as you zip between the trees.

The Canopy Tours at Common Grounds are well worth the money and the time. So if you are ever in the mood for something new, fun, and adventurous, then you should try out the canopy tours or anything else the facility has to offer. You won’t be disappointed.

The canopy tour group beginning to walk up to the first zip.

The canopy tour group beginning to walk up to the first zip.

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Spanish Club!

Posted by Madison Kocsis on September 15, 2016 in News |

By: Madison Kocsis

Hola Amigos!

Looking for an educational and fun experience after school? Then Spanish Club could be just for you! Spanish Club is focused on Spanish culture.

The club hasn’t had their first meeting yet, but they will be having an event September 21! There will be food, and t-shirts for sale! So stop in! (This event takes place after school in room 201).



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This is one of few thing’s that we like to see at football games. For those of you that don’t already know this is our symbol for a touchdown. This is on of many memories we like to share with the public. As a huge group the players, the band, and also the fans we love to show our spirit and Pioneer pride!dscn0706


Don’t Forget To Be Awesome

Posted by Ashley Moen on September 13, 2016 in News |

The single most important thing you can do as a human being is to be awesome. How do you be awesome? It is simple; be you!

I live my life with the motto ‘don’t forget to be awesome’. This is to remind me to be myself, and not to let other people control my life. Everyone is born awesome, but many end up following paths already laid out for them, or they go with the flow and are easily influenced. They try to be as normal as possible.

There is no such thing as normal, as there is no person who fits the standards to be normal. They are too high. Everybody has at least one quirk about them. So why try to be normal? Just be the awesome person you were meant to be.

Embrace what makes you different and stand out. If it was not for all the differences in the world, we would not have made it this far as a species. New ideas and perspectives are what gave root to new inventions and new ideals. If we were all the same, we would not be able to move forward towards the future. Thus, there is no point in being normal.

If you enjoy books, then read. If you enjoy drawing, draw. If you enjoy socializing, talk. If you enjoy running, run. Find a way to do what you love doing and don’t let others tell you not to. Express yourself and be yourself. But most importantly, don’t forget to be awesome.


Elyria School District Rolls Out Video on Heroin Epidemic

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Turn the Page – Book Club

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    At Elyria High School, on September 7, the first book club meeting occurred and has already handed out the first book, Tears of a Tiger. This book was given to each member to borrow and as of now, the club members have until the next meeting which takes place on the Wednesday the 28th to finish the book. However some meetings will be used as a day to discuss the whole book, a couple chapters or even to give other book ideas.

Sadly the book club is currently low on members with a standing four only showing up to the first meeting, the club is held in room 103 with the advisor Mrs. Karen Davy and the co-advisor Ms. McLaughlin both English teachers. Nevertheless the club and the advisors have a goal to encourage the enjoyment of reading in the students while also providing a safe environment for literary and respectful discussions.

Yet this club is not only open to students, membership is open to all EHS students, staff, and faculty. Also any new members can join at any moment through the school year, by contacting the advisors. Mrs. Davy is in room 103 while Ms. McLaughlin is in room 109, but a member cannot miss more than one meeting per semester.

Also each member must have a paperback or hardcover copy of the current book for each monthly meeting, and be prepared if a book wanted for the club may lead to conducting a fundraiser or a payment out of pocket. During the meetings after a book is given to the member, time is given at the end of the meeting to reconvene as a whole and share anything about the book in a discussion.

Lastly, members must agree and follow the rules given by the advisors. Each meeting is held in room 103 at 2:45 and is approximately one hour long, meetings will tried to be held on the second or third Wednesday of each month. If changes occur updates as well as revisions will be posted and made. So if you enjoying sitting comfortable with a good book, and having a safe friendly place to discuss about each book. Add to the numbers of the members, join Turn the Page Book Club. And explore a new world with us!

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