EHS Still Canned Food Champions over Lorain HS

Elyria High beat Lorain High for the third straight year in the Salvation Army Food Drive Competition.  The trophy remains in the hands of the Pioneers!  The totals for the drive were Elyria High- 5,605  Lorain High- 1,000 for a TOTAL of 6,605 food items to the residents in Lorain County who are in the greatest need this Holiday Season.

According to Rebecca Haywood, Case Manager at The Salvation Army, “We plan on using all of the EHS donated food in food bags that go out to needy families.  If our statistics stay the same, then we should be able to get through the next three months with that food.  When we add in the food from the rest of Elyria City Schools, that will get us through to the Stamp Out Hunger food drive in May.”

The Stamp Out Hunger Postal Drive brings in the most food all year.

The EHS donations will help serve 750 families in need and the school’s drive brings in the most food out of any local organization for the holiday.

Haywood also says, ” The students of Elyria High School make it possible for our clients to have dinner on their table tonight and we want you all to know how much we appreciate that.”

Taylor Swift’s “1989” Review

by Myleana Slepko

Born in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania on December 13, 1989 was artist Taylor Alison Swift. Mention her name to any teenage girl and you’ll end up with an ear full about what a star she is; and you might even catch some notes from her new album.  The 24 year-old celebrity started off her career releasing Taylor Swift into the country music business, and after her great record selling success Swift then went on to release four more albums; including Fearless, Speak Now, Red, and 1989. Taylor Swift has won two Grammys, two Kids’ Choice awards, three People’s Choice awards, five Teen Choice awards, and one Young Hollywood award. Her voice is recognized across the globe and she’s every girl’s idol.

If you listen to her albums in the order she released them, you might notice the change Taylor has made in her music style, first appealing to country fans and slowly attracting pop fans. The release of 1989 was the full transition and Taylor Swift rose off the charts. Because she writes all of her own music, her lyrics have been very relatable to fans throughout the world as she sings about heartbreak and finding yourself during your early years.

Shake It Off was the first song to be released from 1989 and sends a message to not worry about the haters and shake off all the negative criticism. Blank Space speaks to Taylor’s fans about love and finding someone who accepts you in all of your craziness. While listening to Swift’s lyrics you can really feel what she felt while writing these words. Whether the song be upbeat or move along a little slower, you’ll have her stuck in your head for the rest of the day and you can bet you’ll catch yourself singing along in the shower to her new tracks.

I would recommend ladies between the ages of 13 to 25 listen to 1989; but that doesn’t mean your boyfriend or dad won’t be singing along with you in the car. In my opinion, 1989 deserves five stars and a standing ovation. I’m sure millions of fans, including myself, are craving more. Taylor Swift has truly outdone herself with her new album.


VOTE for EHS wrestler Kevin Vough for Ohio HS Athlete of the Week!

KevinEHS Wrestling team placed eighth overall in one of the toughtest Iron Man tournaments. This tournament includes the strongest contending teams from all over the country.  EHS finished third amongst the best schools in Ohio.  Sophomore Keven Vough is the first Iron Man Champion in the history of EHS!  Vough has been nominated’s Ohio Athlete of the Week.

To vote, follow the link below and select Kevin’s name, answer the random question at the bottom of the poll, then select VOTE.


Voting ends at Noon on Friday!

Spirit Week

You could say it’s an EHS tradition.

The holidays are coming up, so EHS is having a spirit week this week.

Monday- Wear a Santa Hat

Tuesday- Wear someting from Frozen

Wednesday- Dress up as a character from a TV holiday special

Thursday- Dress up like a Christmas tree

Friday-Wear an ugly sweater; free jeans day

Leo Club is a Roaring Success

by Daniel March

Have you ever wanted to join a club whose purpose was to help other people out? A club that helps you meet new people and get FREE FOOD? Then LEO club is just the place for you! LEO club is an organization that strives for Leadership, Experience, and Opportunity (abbreviated as LEO). The Lions (members of the club) give current necessities to groups like the Salvation Army, Ronald McDonald House, and other organizations/people that call for assistance.

LEO club is currently helping out with the Ronald McDonald House by collecting pop tabs. The pop tabs are given as a donation to the incorporation which will be used to pay off fees for sick children who aren’t financially supported to be able to be housed with their family for a certain amount of days until the children are feeling better. We also collected tooth brushes and tooth paste products for the Salvation Army from right before Thanksgiving. The winning class received Dunkin’ Donuts.

The Lions meet after school every Monday for about an hour to hang out, talk about future goals/plans and collect/count pop tabs. If you would like to join, or know someone who would like to join, go to a meeting. There is a ten dollar entrance fee which covers food/membership. LEO club is a great way to get to meet new people and help others out.

Not Only Girls

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“People shouldn’t care about other people’s business, it is their life let them live it however they like”

Recently I lost my friend due to suicide because HE, yes I said he, was being bullied for the way he looked and the way he acted. He was gay, and I guess there are still a lot of people who can’t accept people who are gay. There were plenty of people just like him at his school; the people picking on him just used his sexuality as an excuse to make fun of him because they were insecure about themselves. I felt so bad, I felt like it was my fault. I wanted to help him, but I didn’t know how.

He ended up taking his own life. The saddest part is one of his childhood best friends were making fun of him.

Like my mom says “Friends are like a dollar in your pocket. They are just waiting to be spent.”

Everyone thinks that only girls are suicidal, that boys are strong enough to withstand the pain, the perpetual torment, and corruptness of society. But they are wrong, I know so many people especially boys that are bullied about the way they look or act due to their sexuality.

Why do people care about others peoples business so much? People shouldn’t care about other people’s business; it is their life let them live it however they like.

As for the other people or any one feeling like my friend did, please find help, don’t start cutting, and don’t take your own life. Don’t commit self-harm.

Those people aren’t worth you hurting yourself. If you need to find help, there are other options than to self-harm or think about taking your life. There are people out there willing to help you.

I get it if you are afraid of being judged, but you just have to find the right people that will help.

So please find help, and don’t give up just yet. Think about all the people you will be hurting. Many people will miss you. People that love and care about you. Plus you have so much going for you. You might not think so yet but you do. So don’t lose faith.

If you are thinking of suicide or just need to talk to somebody you can call the suicide help hot line at 1 (800) 273-8255

Please take this article as a sign to find help.


Weelky Brain Teaser! (12/9/14)

The Arguable Diamond

Once again, I find myself with two persons who don’t have anything in common and are, right now, arguing.

‘That is not the real diamond I lent you! You thief! Where is it?’ the lady shouted, pointing to the small stone on the hand of the man.

‘This is the real diamond!’ the man objected. ‘In fact, I have proof!’ he added, taking a hammer out of his briefcase. Why he had a hammer in the first place, I didn’t want to find out.

Placing the stone on a table, he carefully aimed the hammer at the gem and with one big arc, hit the stone with so much force that the table quivered. The gem remained intact.

‘See? It didn’t break. Therefore, it is a diamond, which is the hardest mineral on Earth!’ he cried triumphantly.

‘You have a point,’ said the woman reluctantly, with a voice sounding of defeat.

Is that her real diamond?

Think you’ve got the answer? Leave a comment below.

Every Tuesday I plan to upload a brain teaser, each with the previous week’s answer.

This brain teaser came from

Last week’s answer

Full Name- Activity- City

Julie Mallard- Cooking Classes- Paris
Megan Wallace- Moving- Cleveland
David Thompson- Visiting Relatives- Houston
Fred Shields- Cruise- Miami
Sam Drake- Ski Trip- Vancouver

The Gravity of Powerschool

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Have you ever been so completely stressed out about your grades, that it physically and mentally takes a toll on you? Or have you ever had that teacher that takes forever to enter in grades and/or claims you have missing assignments, when really she just forgot to enter them in?

Some teachers just take absolutely forever to enter in grades which makes me worry when I have a low grade. I was absent last week for two days and we all know even when you miss a day, it’s like you miss a lifetime and are drowned by make-up work. I made up all the work in one day and gave it to my teacher. I currently have a verylow grade because when I was out I had four assignments for that class, so she put them in as missing while I was out.

I turned them in today, in one whole big packet, on her desk, right in front of her. Now, it will probably take this teacher awhile to enter in grades, and I am not patient when it comes to my grades.

It’s just irritating sometimes, constantly worrying and obsessing over grades, especially when in Honors classes, because you always have this nagging feeling in the back of your mind that you need to get this done or else you wont be succeed. Everyone has high expectations, and its a big challenge to uphold those expectations.

I took a poll of 100 students asking if they check Powerschool at least 4 times a week; 83% said that they do, and 17% said that they did not.

Sean Benner a freshmen says, ” I don’t even use powerschool,” while Loreymie Rodriguez, also a freshmen, thinks differently. ” I check it, but I dont realy like it. I feel like our teachers should tell us our grades and give us our missing work, because some people may not have internet access.”

pun-day fun-day

ATTENTION: This joke is lame.
Why can’t a bicycle stand on its own?
Because it’s two tired.



The ALICE drill or student safety drill will be conducted on Wednesday, December 10th (aka tomorrow morning). The drill will focus on what a student should do in the case an intruder enters the building, and/or classroom. The drill will occur during an extended homeroom tomorrow morning. Remember, this is only a drill, but take it seriously!