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By: Gabriel Loring

She shines so bright,
Wielding her own kind of light.
They say her might,
Comes from the sun’s light.
But I can see,
This is not to be.

Her silvery grace,
And gentle shine
Come from her own chime.
The sun beats the day with an orange fist,
Forceful and fierce.
But the moon dances across the night,
Each night a new dance,
No need to rehearse.

Her light shines so gentle,
Yet can only be appreciated by so few.
While the sun steals her glory,
Who knew?
But she is too strong for such a thing,
The night is her real home!
Silver light and a chorus of stars to sing!

Clouds may tremble behind the forceful sun,
But she the moon,
Lets them float on by.
No need to scare them and make them run.

Do not fear the night,
In its silver light.
For she is kind and wise,
And she holds her own sort of surprise.


Debate Club

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By: Mechella Jeziorski

If you like to voice your opinions on certain topics or just like to state the  pros and cons of any topic, then you should join Debate Club.

In Debate Club, we discuss a lot of different topics, such as things that are happening today in our society. We also talk about things that we want to change in school, such as dress code.

We welcome all that want to join Debate Club. We meet the second Monday of each month in room 136. Hope to see you there!



A French Tragedy

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By: Karina Primmer 

Most of you probably already know about the death of the German language class at our school; about how few students were signing up for the classes anymore, making the 2015-16 German III class the last of its kind here for a while. Now, something similar is happening to the French class.

As of Tuesday April 12th, 2016, there are a total of fifteen students in the entire school taking French III. Only two of them have signed up for French IV next year, meaning that not only will that class have to merge with next year’s French III class (assuming that administrators will let those two students take French IV), but it will likely lose its status as an honors class.

It is too late to convince the rest of the current French III class to sign up, as it has been brought up since before scheduling started, and students from this year’s French IV class visited one day to explain what the course consists of and hopefully talk the students into joining, but maybe, just maybe, if the French classes strengthen in these next two school years, we can make sure that the language department does not lose another valuable course set.

And a message to anyone who is currently taking or planning to take a French class: If you are in any way interested in the course, then sign up. French may not be as common language common of a language in the United States as Spanish, but it is spoken in many countries throughout the world, and is a wonderful skill to have. In addition to that, it’s also fun!



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By: Alyson Johnson 

Three cats are competing in a race. There’s an american cat named “one two three”, a german cat named “ein zwei drei”, and a french cat named “un deux trois”. The cats all swim across a lake. The american cat finishes first, the german cat finishes second, but the french cat is nowhere to be found.


Because the un deux trois quatre cinq


Volunteering or Adopting a Pet at the FAPL

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By: Alyson Johnson 

The FAPL, or Friendship Animal Protective League, has brought much joy to the lives of both people and animals. Volunteering there has allowed me to bond with other staff members along with the animals who are in need of  homes. The shelter will always need new members and it is quite easy to join. All you have to do is attend a free class, occurring on the second Saturday of every month. The FAPL will accommodate to the needs of each volunteer.  Interested in adopting a pet? Below are a list of animals that need loving homes.

Shay-Prison Dog

Name: Shay

Bio: This 5 year old Siberian Husky mix is currently undergoing training to become a police dog. She is learning her basic commands and is ready to be adopted.


Name: Fidget

Bio: Fidget is a senior who has recently become a mother and is ready to be taken in by a loving family.

Captain Pancake

Name: Captain Pancake

Bio: Handsome Mr. Captain Pancake is three years old and has no known past. He is currently three years old and waiting to be taking in by a loving family.


Name: Cat

Bio: Yes , his name is cat. He is shy at first, but once he gets to know you he is a true snuggle buddy.

All animals receive one or more vaccinations, a basic veterinary examination, and are wormed, spayed/neutered, and feline leukemia tested. Cats 3 months and older are micro-chipped.

For further information on volunteering or adopting your next pet go to:




ECS District Tee Shirt Voting – Vote NOW!

Posted by Mrs.G on March 23, 2016 in News |
Over the past few weeks EHS students were asked to create tee shirt designs that represent the pride of Elyria City Schools. One design will be selected as the winner and will become a NEW design for all of the district and city to purchase.
The first place winner will receive a tee shirt and $ 25 gift card of their choice. There will also be a second and third place prize given to the runner ups. Vote for your favorite!! Mark only one! Voting will End April 8.
Good Luck To All!!


His Sickness

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By: Gabriel Loring

He doesn’t want to tell,
But he isn’t feeling well.
He has a problem inside,
And it will continue to hide.
He went through things regulars shrug off
But he can’t get over them.
He has a darkness inside of him,
He gets better then worse.
He has many loving family and friends,
But what happens when that can’t stop the end?
He has all these nice things
But those can’t fill the empty pits,
Instead they just cover them like mits.
He thinks he does it on purpose but he doesn’t know why,
He talks about it but it made his friend cry.
Is there an answer, a cure?!
No one is sure.
He won’t die so do not worry
But he won’t get better in a hurry.


The Truth About Valentine’s Day

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By: Mechella Jeziorski

One month after Valentine’s Day, you may be sitting here sniffling slightly as you toss your dead roses and empty boxes of chocolate into the garbage can, or continuing to smile admiringly at the new teddy bear that is settling into its new home on your bed. But is this  what Valentine’s Day is really about?

Some say “Heart Day” is a time to show the person that you are in a relationship  with that you truly love them. Your significant other may try their hardest to please you with lots of different gifts. Some people think that if they do not get their significant other what they want, they will not love them. That is not true.

The truth about Valentine’s Day had nothing to do with love- it actually all started in Rome. During this time Emperor Claudius wanted a huge army. All the men did not want to be in the army because they all had families, so Claudius made a no-marriage law because he thought that if the men did not have wives, they would have to join his army.

This is where St. Valentine comes in. St. Valentine was a priest and part of his job was to marry couples. Even after this law was passed, he still married people, but he did it in secret. Every time he married a couple he had to whisper the ceremonial words because Claudius had soldiers on patrol to make sure that no one broke the law. One night while he had just finished marrying a couple he heard footsteps, so he told the couple to leave quickly but he still got caught. He was thrown into jail and told that for breaking the law his punishment would be death. He tried to stay cheerful while being in a jail cell all alone, but the very next day he was to put to death.

So why do we really celebrate St. Valentine’s death as a holiday of love even though it was a massacre?

Answer: because those who escaped Emperor Claudius’ law and were married by St. Valentine remember that he gave his life to marry others so that they would be happy.

So in honor of St. Valentine, we celebrate Valentine’s Day.




Don’t Diss Under Appreciated Activities

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By: Audrey Bauer 

If you participate in an activity like golf, archery, bowling, cheerleading,  figure skating, lacrosse, or any other under appreciated activity, you may be familiar with the response, ” That’s not a sport!” or “Who cares about that?” It bothers you, doesn’t it? As it should.  Who are you, person of such judgmental mentality, to demean an activity that someone loves like that?

There are some people out there who feel that if you do not play a sport that is broadcast weekly on a sports network, such as football or basketball, the  sport  you play doesn’t matter. This does not occur only in the sports world, either. People belittle achievements in art, music, theater, literature, math,  and other activities of the like as well, all the time! It is completely unfair to the people who work so hard to be successful in these lesser-known areas.

Hobbies and extracurricular activities help to enhance peoples’ knowledge and skills, and to provide a physical and/or creative outlet for  negative emotions and boredom. They give people something to look forward to and lend them a sense of accomplishment. They open peoples’ minds and expose them to new experiences that can help them feel better about themselves and develop character. So if something makes someone happy in a positive and non-harmful  way, why not encourage it, rather than criticize it with meaningless generalizations and stereotypes? It won’t help anything- it will just cause useless drama. And let’s face it, who needs anymore of THAT in their lives?

So the next time you go to judge a club or sport or something of the sort,think about how much time and effort the people involved have put into it, and consider how you would feel if you were on the receiving end. Also, please note that the  purpose of this article is NOT to slander prime-time sports like football, basketball, and baseball, it is simply written just to make you think twice before you utter a demeaning comment.



Boulevard des Rêves Brisées

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By: Karina Primmer


The golden sun was always high in the sky, raining its radiant energy upon the road which resembled a bustling market more than a simple gray street. Although the sun never set, the weather was wonderful. The plane of cerulean blue that the sun sat upon partially hidden beneath the cotton ball water vapors passing by and from who-knows-where to another who-knows where.


Returning to the earth, everything appeared to be brand new, bright, untainted. The road bore no cracks, no faded paint. People of all ages gathered or stood behind vendor stands, showing off wonderful, shining inventions that buzzed and popped and spoke and cooked. Children chased after dogs, balloons, each other, and anything else that moved in any direction. The elderly relaxed in poofy chairs which nearly swallowed them whole. Couples stood side by side or facing each other, hearts bursts with reciprocated emotions. Everyone was happy.


It was overwhelming. A prismatic kaleidoscope of colors, smells, sounds, sights. An awesome wonderland, cataloging every possible thing a person could want. Everything was here.


Everything was lost.

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