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Attention all EHS students who are interested in changing the life of another AND receiving a free t-shirt in the process. On Wednesday, March 4th Elyria High School will be hosting a LifeShare Blood Drive in the EHS PAC Center. Those who are age 16 and have a signed parent’s consent and/or all who are age 17 and older are eligible to donate.

Donating blood is a very rewarding act. As in the U.S. alone, blood is needed to save a life every two seconds, one can rest assured that their act of kindness will not be left idle
( ). Every donator and every donation helps fulfill a need vital to preserving the simple gift that is often taken for granted: life. Don’t let your reminder of precious this gift is be the face of misfortune. Act today to save another’s tomorrow. Donate blood, donate life.

Weekly Brain Teaser! (3/3/15)

Bamboo Pole

Doctor Dodge was staying with Cousin Jamie in Jamie’s lakeside cabin. They were setting up Jamie’s will. As Dodge was Jamie’s closest living relative, much of Jamie’s estate was being left to him.
One day, Jamie went to Dr Dodge very disturbed. ‘Doctor,’ he began, ‘I have just found out that a man named Georgio wants to get me. He will be here very soon. Where will I go? Where can I hide? If he finds me in here, he will surely kill me. I do not have time to leave this clearing and go farther into the woods.’
Dr Dodge thought for a moment, and then grabbed a 5′ long bamboo pole, with a diameter the size of a quarter. ‘Jamie, follow me out to the lake. This lake is 4′ deep. If you lie on the bottom of the lake and breathe through this pole, Georgio will never find you. I will be in the bushes with a shotgun, and I will shoot him when he comes. I will swim down to find you when he is gone.’
Jamie consented, and laid down on the bottom of the lake with the bamboo pole in his mouth. A few hours later, a ranger passed by. He found Jamie’s body, dead. Dr Dodge told the police of the circumstance, and that Jamie had probably panicked, and died.
Police arrested Dr Dodge, on the charges of murdering Jamie. Why?

The bamboo pole did not have any cracks or holes. Its opening was above water the whole time.

Here’s a hint

Jamie did not drown.

Think you’ve got the answer? Leave a comment below.

Every Tuesday I plan to upload a brain teaser, each with the previous week’s answer.

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Last week’s answer

Most ice scrapers are plastic; some are wooden, but other than this one, never metal. Plastic and wood rarely scratch glass. Metal, on the other hand, can scratch glass quite easily; especially when it is run across a windshield vigorously in an attempt to remove ice and snow, as the unfortunate owners of the metal ice scraper soon found out.


MAC Scholars Need Your Appetite!

mac scholars applebees

Click on the link above to access the flyer needed to be presented for a Dining Out Night at Applebee’s. The event is Sunday, March 1, anytime between the hours of 11:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. Fifteen percent of the proceeds of your dinner and drinks will be given back to MAC Scholars.

Ukulele Club

Attention all ukulele enthusiasts, the first meeting of the brand new ukulele club is next Wednesday February 18 after school in the choir room.

This will be a purely informational meeting. We will be explaining the club and asking what you want out of it.  All you will need is yourself and your ukulele.

See you there!

Winter Formal 2015

Photos and story by Loreymie Rodriguez

Winter Formal was held at Elyria High School. February 7. From 7-10:30. About 100 students give or take went and had fun.

Freshman Sierra Lawson said, “I just came to have time with my friends, and talk to the friends that I do not see during the school day.”

Although there were many people without a date, most girls said they don’t need to bring a date to these things. It’s better to go alone and have fun with friends than to be with someone and feel like you have to be with all the time and only dance with them.

Vote Ben Darmstadt for Wrestler of the Week

Please go to the following link and vote for our wrestling team to be Team of the Week and for Ben Darmstadt to be the Wrestler of the Week! 


Two Opportunities for Students and Their Parents to Voice Opinions on Standardized Testing

On Wednesday, February 4  fifth grade language arts teacher Dawn Neely-Randall (McKinley Elementary)  is going to address the Elyria Board of Education on the issue of over-testing and subsequently teachers losing a month of precious instructional time at the Administration Building at 5:30 p.m.  This is an opportunity for students and their parents, along with concerned citizens to support her and voice concerns of their own with regard to these issues.

Many teachers and students are all feeling the stress, pressure, and frustration which accompany this testing. Teachers serve as test proctors for a month of standardized testing, rather than focus on teaching in the classroom.

A second event will take place at The West River branch of the Elyria Public Library beginning at 6:00 p.m. Parents, teachers, local school board members, and administrators are going to meet to discuss PARCC and its effect on students, teachers and education.

As Elyria Education Association President Mark Smith said in an email to all district teachers, “If you are able to, I encourage you to attend. The only way this is ever going to change is if the politicians and powers that be in Columbus see large numbers of people coming out against it.”

regular teaching schedules and instructional plans will be disrupted for as long as a month. We are being reduced to simply being test administrators, rather than teachers. The feelings we have are mirrored by our students and their parents. So, what we can be done about this? There are two upcoming events which will address exactly that. First, this Wednesday, February 4th, Dawn Neely-Randall is going to address the Elyria Board of Education on the issue.  For those of you who don’t know, Dawn has been a passionate advocate for students, and against the abuses of the over-testing. Dawn has followers all over the country, who follow her posts and editorials, including noted education expert Diane Ravitch. I am asking all who are able, to come to the Board meeting to show support for Dawn and her cause.

Weekly Brain Teaser! (2/3/14)

It’s very likely that if you are reading this, you had/have a lot of snow on your/ your parent’s car and had/have to clear it out to get to work, school, etc. If someone invents a way to clear snow from a windshield more easily, well, some things would definitely change.

Not So Great Inventions #1

A would-be inventor was having trouble scraping the thick sheet of ice from his car windows when he came up with an idea.
He had just bought a new snow shovel and it had a metal edge on it to help break up ice. Why not create a car ice scraper with a metal blade? He drew up the plans, had them manufactured and began marketing his new invention. Initial sales were excellent but his newly formed company soon went bankrupt as there were no reorders at all. His product removed ice better than any other on the market. It was a great price; well built and there were still 3 months of winter left. What went wrong seeing as the product worked so well?

Think you’ve got the answer? Leave a comment below.

Every Tuesday I plan to upload a brain teaser, each with the previous week’s answer.

This brain teaser came from

Last week’s answer

From left to right (assuming that “Wine’s left side” is from our perspective): Poison, Wine Potion that brings you forward through the black flames, Poison, Poison, Wine, Potion that allows you to go back through the purple flames


Are Vans Becoming The New Jordans?

Recently I have been seeing more and more people that I used to know wear the shoes known as “Jordan’s”, but now they are wearing the shoes known as “Vans”. This change is making me think why so many people are switching shoe brands. Could it be the prices? Maybe the Jordan shoes break and rip easier than Vans? Or maybe its just that teenagers and some adults are changing their styles. What ever it is, it is really surprising me. I decided to do a survey. I took a pole of 50 kids, and out of those 50 some wore Jordans, some wore Vans and others were wearing Converse. I noticed that about 9 out of the 14 kids wearing Jordans also own vans. Freshman Sean Benner specifically like and I quote ” slip-on vans, make sure you specify that its SLIP-ON.” A sophomore Kamari Tabor prefers converse. But, he grew up wearing Jordan’s and converse. I asked him why he mostly wears converse and he said that Jordan’s are bulky and irritating. The rest of the kids including the ones that were wearing converse said that they like Vans and prefer Vans over lets say Converse, or Nike. I asked a junior and he said that he stopped wearing Jordan’s after he bought a pair of Jordan’s, and they came out to be broken even though they were in the box. So he returned them, and he got a new pair and again the shoes turned out to be a ‘piece of crap’ after he put the shoes on for one day. So he chose to go and try vans. Its odd to see people changing their shoe preference for different reasons. So now I want to know your input on which type of shoes are your favorite.

Do We Really Need Algebra II?

“Ew!” “ugh! HATE IT!” “It’s like, my worst subject…”

No offense to teachers, but these are typically the satements you hear when one mentions math class.  The organization Jobs for Texas, a group of industry trade groups in Texas, agrees in a sense, arguing that there is no need for the current higher-level learning curriculum that Texas currently offers because these skills learned in this curriculum are no longer applied in the work force.  It is also feared that drop-out rates will increase if the courses are too rigid. Texas is now abandonig their policy of making Algebra II a a graduation requirement, which is pretty ironic considering the fact that Texas was one of the first states in the country (besides  Arkansas) to require Algebra II in the first place. Starting in 2006, 15 other states and Washington D.C. followed suit and also required Algebra II. These states include Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, New Mexico, Utah, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington -with Minnesota and Connecticut soon joining. It was admitted that SAT scores, math benchmarks for college algebra, and graduation rates have improved consecutively since adopting the Algebra II requirement. Nevertheless, beginning in the 2014-15 school year Texas will no longer require Algebra II as a graduation requirement for Texan high schoolers, unless you they want an honors diploma. Instead, students who do not wish to take the dreaded math sequel will take Algebraic Reasoning and Statistics. This new policy entails that students who do not take Algebra II WILL graduate, but if they intend to be an engineer or work in the math or science fields, this is not the smartest option for them to pursue, as one needs a higher level math course in order to gain the skills they need to ensure success in the aforementioned fields. As for Ohio students, graduation requirements regarding Algebra II will remain the same.

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