“Bee”-ing Harassed

Imagine coming down the the Wi-fi Cafe to enjoy a peaceful lunch or study hall, you get your lunch and walk outside.  You say to yourself “WOW it feels great out here I wish the weather was like this all year!”  You sit down and start to eat your lunch or pull out your work, your lunch tastes so good compared to the cafeteria food and waiting in the long lines.  All of the sudden you hear a buzzing, you happen to be terrified of bees or bugs in general.  You spend your time weaving around ducking and shooing this bee away.  By this time the period is nearly over and you still have half of you lunch or work left.  I myself am very bothered by this.  No not everyone has a phobia of bees but many people do.   I want to eat my lunch in peace and not have to worry that there are bees crawling around on my food or in the vicinity of my food.  I would hope this could somehow be fixed because others, and I  feel slightly harassed while trying to eat.  I also hope this helps whoever eats in the Cafe as a warning, especially if you hate bees like me.

Andy Biersack Quote (Black Veil Brides Lead Singer)

“When People Hurt You Over

And Over, Think

Of Them Like


They May Scratch

And Hurt You

A Bit, But In

The End You

End Up Polished

And They End Up Useless.”



This quote to me means a lot. All my life I have been bullied, and this quote is basically saying no matter how many people hurt you. Push you around, and just make you feel like you’re worthless, and you’re not good enough. Or that you just want to give you. Just remember they’re just there to try to make you feel insecure, and if you let them they will think they can push you each and everyday until you’re on your knees begging for them to stop, and they push you to the ledge. And that one world that will push you off the edge, and break you. Don let them do that to you. Be strong, because if you arent. You may start thinking about suicide, and no one wants you to do that. People may not see if now but once you are gone…. you are gone for good. Then you’ll just leave everyone thinking why you did it, and leave them with the pain of why they couldnt save you. Or why they didnt see you before you broke. You will see them suffering with the guilt…. And no one deserves that. And you dont deserve breaking down like that and getting led to suicide.

The Rathskeller

Many students and staff call it the Rathskeller– for those wanting to be with their friends in the school’s cafeteria but not be a part of its chaos.

The Rathskeller is a separate area next to the main cafeteria where seniors can have their lunch. Anyone can order from there, but only seniors can stay there.

Know your facts around the school. It’ll help you in the long run.

Weekly Brain Teaser! (9/16/14)

A new school year can be very confusing. New teachers, new classes, and (in the case of incoming freshmen) new building. Don’t worry; in a few weeks it’ll be all routine… until next semester.

A Criminal in the Village

There was a village that was controlled by the all powerful Chief. There was a theft in the village which had occurred recently, however no one knew who it was. The police had gathered up 8 suspects and brought them to the Chief. The Chief gave each of them a stick and said, ‘These are magic sticks. Overnight one stick will grow two inches longer than the rest. The one with the longer stick is the culprit. I want all of you to show up here again tomorrow.’

The next day, there was one person’s stick that was two inches shorter while the other seven were two inches longer. The Chief had the person with the shorter stick arrested. How did he know that he was the culprit?

Think you got the answer? Leave a comment below. Every Tuesday I plan to upload a brain teaser, each with the previous week’s answer.

This brain teaser came from braingle.com.

Homecoming Game and Dance

Homecoming is fast approaching. This year’s theme will be Frame the Moment. The homecoming game will be Oct. 3. Student nominations for the Homecoming court will be next week. The Homecoming Dance will be on Oct. 4. Tickets will go on sale Sept. 29. If you will be bringing a date who does not attend Elyria High School, you must get a form from the office and have your Team Principal’s approval. Forms can be found in the Team Offices as well as the Main office. All forms must be complete and approved and turned into Mrs. Biltz by Sept. 30. No Homecoming tickets will be placed on hold.

Science Olympiad

For any student interested in joining the 2015 Science Olympiad Team, there will be two meetings this Friday, September 19 in room 236. The meetings will be held at 7:30 am and 2:40 pm. You only need to attend one of these meetings.

21 Pilots Winners

The Herald Newspaper held a raffle this past week, September 2 to the 9, to give away two tickets to the 21 pilots concert on September 11. The lucky winners are freshmen Mikayla Panko and Mona Mocabee. Congratulations you two!

From everyone on the Herald staff we hope you have a great time at the concert.

Elyria Boys Track Captures NOC Lake Division Championship

The Elyria Boys Track Team defeated Normandy 79-49 at Ely Stadium to capture the Northeast Ohio Conference Lake Division Championship by going 5-0 in dual meets. 

Shot Robinson E 43′ 4 Mangus E 37′ 1/2 Kaiser N 33′ 10
Discus Kaiser N 104′ Truta N 96-7 Strahink N 96-2
LJ Robinson E 19-1 Jones N 18-11 Jameson N 17-9
HJ Jones N 6-0 Ingram E 5-10 Jameson N 5-3
3200R Elyria (Ferancy, Bryner, Berry, Lewis) 8:42
110H Kiss-Benke N 15.9 Catta N 16.5 Little E 18.6
100 Tucker E 10.8 Schsterbak E 11.0 Olivias N 11.3
800R Elyria (Tucker, Schsterbak, Houghland, Robinson) 1:34.0
1600 Hawks E 4:48 Harroch N 5:01 Bryner E 5:04
4*100R Elyria (Schsterbak, Tucker, Church, Robinson) 44.5
400 Olivas N 53.2 Lewis E 56.0 Berry E 56.7
300H Kiss-Benke N 43.7 Catta N 44.3 Sokol N 44.3
800 Hawks E 2:09 Ferancy E 2:12 Harroch N 2:18
200 Tucker E 22.7 Schsterbak E 22.9 Olivas N 23.7
3200 Chizmar 10:41 E Bartlebaugh E 11:12 Chmura N 11:33.2
1600R Elyria (Berry, Ferancy, Lewis, Hawks) 3:43.0

And the Winner Is….

After a long a terrible winter, summer has finally arrived with its dazzling heat and promise of good times.

Activities, events, movies and fun are on the horizon. And one of those events is an annual event that once again returns to Blossom. That event is Warped Tour 2014.

Warped Tour is not just a concert is a celebration of music. It features groups, bands and acts that are sweep the world with their talents and captivating music. A variety of genres will playing their hits serenading the hot summer day. From to punk to pop rock to techno to metal, Warped Tour as it all. Bands such as Motionless in White, The Word Alive, Breathe Carolina, Yellowcard, and many more will be there.

The past couple of weeks, the Elyria High School newspaper, the Herald, has conducted a raffle for two tickets to this event. In the end, it was Tiana Lucas, Elyria High student, who was the winner of such a great prize and has the opportunity to go.

The Heralds gives a warm thanks to those who participated and contributed to fund the newspaper and hopes that you keep helping them reach their goal.