Link Crew Rocks

By Taylor Flynn

link crew rockPrincipal Dr. Jama always repeats the school motto “Achieving success and nothing less.” This more than likely has a different meaning to everyone at the school.

Every year there are hundreds of incoming freshman coming to the high school nervous or even petrified to walk through those doors the first day of school. Afraid of what’s awaiting them and wondering how it’s going to go. Link Crew is a leadership organization that helps these young adults and shapes our society.

Getting lost in the hallways, not being able to find their way around, running into people in a hallway jam, seeing a couple thousand people they don’t know. Well, that’s what Link Crew is for, to help those who can’t comprehend what’s happening around them to focus on where they need to be and when. They are here to help. They have been there and know how it feels to feel vulnerable and trapped in the arms of the beast of students.

All three advisors were asked eight questions about their perspectives in a few different angles. Each had different answers but the same goal(s) in mind.

“Our goals are always to make the transition into high school as easy as possible and to help the freshman be as successful as possible. We try to get them involved in as many activities as possible,” said Ms. Belcher, head of Link Crew.

Each advisor has been in the program since the beginning, four years in the making and it’s still going strong. Coming up with ideas and activities to try to improve the freshman’s success in high school and generally get them to open up and enjoy themselves.

Not every school has this program. “I wish my son’s school had this,” says Mrs. Hammond.

“There would be a tremendous change in behavior and attitude if more schools adopted this program,” said Ms. Belcher.

“Everything we do in life involves working with people- this is an excellent experience for that!” also Mrs. Hammond.

Each teacher, parent, and adult has a different attitude and way of going about things. Mrs. Prechtel just so happens to be one of those who is always in a hyper, positive mood. She calls it “Prechtel Land.” She was asked if her positive attitude helps students participate. She said, “I don’t know for sure, I think it has accidentally become a phrase that is used by some of use. I hope it helps!”

Link Crew isn’t just about having fun, it’s about learning to adapt to your surroundings, meet new people, and learning how to be the best you can be. They try through their activities to teach a different situation that students will encounter in life and get a feel on how to deal with that situation and find a solution to any problem. Nothing is impossible.

Looking for a Good Book?

Students from Academic Success in Reading found the answer to that question by interviewing teachers and staff at Elyria High during the first month of school. “The ‘favorite book interviews’ were part of a community-building reading project,” explained Mrs. Wondrak, Reading Teacher. So, accept this challenge: have you read these books? Do you know the author, genre, plot, and/or themes of each?

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Senior Night

This Friday night marks a milestone in the lives of many EHS seniors. For the last time, senior cheerleaders, football players, and marching band members will take their hometown field and perform for the crowd. In honor of their achievements, these seniors will be recognized during the Pre-Game Ceremony of this Friday’s football game versus Stow-Monroe Falls. In addition, the EHSPMB will be playing tribute to the senior class by performing songs from their sophomore season. These songs include: Takin’ It To The Streets, Fat Lip, and Hot Hot Hot. So if you’re interested in cheering on your favorite seniors, watching the football team take on Stow-Monroe Falls, and singing and dancing with the band, attend this Friday’s Senior Night Football Game. Festivities begin at 6:00pm and tickets for the game are $6. Hope to see you there!!


by Alex Dick

There was a sense of anxiousness and excitement as you walked into Mrs. Cerritto’s art room. Eleven kids lined the tables and faced towards the front, strategically placing all their belongings around the organized mess of art projects that inhabited the tables. They all waited somewhat impatiently for the meeting to start, some with other places to be, some who were just ready to go home.

Yearbook photo AlexYearbook members (from left to right) Alex Dick, Niko Carter, Matt Kearney, Noah Katrinchak, Jessica Sito, and Maria Rodriguez, (front), show off their new yearbook t-shirts at the yearbook conference Wednesday morning.

“Should we just get started?” Cerritto asked the group, who all replied with a quick yes. Their order of business today was to decide the color scheme for the book and figure out who wants to create what template for what pages in the book.

“The theme for this year is kind of a 1920s/Great Gatsby sort of vibe, we’re trying to make a more classy look this year, versus the crazy colorful ones we have had the past few years.” said co-cover designer and member Noah Katrinchak.

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Frame the Moment – Homecoming Court

by Myleana Slepko

It’s the night of the homecoming game and you can feel the school’s spirit buzzing through the halls; each student representing their class color and sharing gossip about the pep rally scheduled for the end of the day.

As homecoming court stands outside the gymnasium doors waiting for their grand entrance, seniors are sharing details about the dresses they’re planning to wear for the night. As the nerves set in, senior, Macy Smith, comments “I wish we all could win. We’re all royalty”.


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Please Stop Complaining!

Don’t get me wrong, I love french class. I love learning a new language and the culture in France. Sometimes it gets difficult though. I mean, that seems obvious; you’re learning something completely different from what you usually study. I know what thats like, I understand. I don’t understand why people feel the need to constantly complain about it. They do not stop. For example, we took a test today, and it was supposed to be about what we have learned so far. The teavher had some problems, though, and it had some new things in it that we didn’t know. OK, no problem. Just use context clues from what we already know. But their are those people who feel the need to just give up, and keep yelling out loud that they have no idea what they are supposed to do, trying to get the teacher to take the assignment back so we don’t have to do it. That is just really annoying. That makes them look so lazy, and gets everyone in a bad mood, and we all end up leaving with a headache. People who complain too much in class need to just stay calm, and should learn to ask questions politely so then everyone can get help, too. This will save time and energy in the end, anyway. These people also direspect the teachers, too. They act like they don’t have to listen to them and can just do whatever they want, but that’s just rude.

Weekly Brain Teaser! (10/14/14)

Weight, How is That Possible?

We all know that if you weigh yourself on the moon, it is less than your weight on the Earth. Can you tell me something that actually weighs more on the moon than on Earth?

Think you’ve got the answer? Leave a comment below.

Every Tuesday I plan to upload a brain teaser, each with the previous week’s answer.

This brain teaser came from

Last week’s answer

George – Phoros – Yellow – Two Heads
Kyle – Tellurus – Orange – Eyes on Stalks
Mark – Rak – Red – Horns on Forehead
Victor – Heldin – Pink – Three Eyes
Zander – Kamus – Green – Forked Tail

Bondzio Debuts

The EHS Treble, A Cappella, and Madrigal choirs will be performing on Tuesday, October 14 in the PAC auditorium at 7:00 PM.

This will be the first concert planned and directed by Ms. Bondzio, and assistant director Mrs. Szeliga. The concert will likely end between 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM.

Compared to last year’s autumn concert, there will be less pop/theater pieces. Instead, there will be an abundance of Christian pieces not for the sake of a religious agenda, but instead for the sake of the beauty of the pieces. One does not need to be religious to feel emotions conveyed by religious music, after all.

This concert will also feature the EHS Symphonic Orchestra, directed by Mr. Wainwright, playing with the EHS Treble and A Cappella Choirs for God Bless America.

Elyria High School vs. Lorain High School

On Friday, September 5, Elyria played cross county rivals Lorain High.

That night the crowd turned out in support of your Pioneers. The EHS student section had over 500 students in it to cheer on their team.

Unfortunately the night did not go how the Pioneers hoped it would by the end of the game (that was called off early by lightning ) the Elyria High Pioneers lost to the Steel Men 24-17.

Even though we have the disappointment of this year Lorain had better watch out for next year.