It’s Legal

If you haven’t heard already, our beloved hoodies are now legal to wear in the school building.

The only stipulation: we must follow all of the other school dress code rules.

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Blood Drive

 By Audrey Bauer

Donate blood-save a life! The Elyria Bloodmobile is not a stranger to Elyria High School and when they come around many students and staff are ready and willing to donate the required one pint of blood- which can save up to four lives! Every pint counts when every two seconds someone new in the United States needs blood, amounting to over 40,000 blood donations  needed daily  according to  American Red Cross.

Interested in giving blood? According to the Red Cross eligibility  requirements, to give blood the only  requirements are: be at least seventeen years of age, ( or sixteen years of age with parent signature), weigh at least 110 pounds, and be feeling generally well on the scheduled date of donation.

Be sure to listen to the announcements and check the hallways for posters to find out when the next EHS Blood Drive will be, but remember, one can donate blood only once every 56 days.


Meet The Herald!!!

On Wednesday, January 21st, (aka tomorrow), Elyria High School will open its doors to the incoming Freshmen Class from Eastern Heights Middle School for the first time. From 6:30-8:00pm in the EHS Performing Arts Center, the incoming Freshmen Class from Eastern Heights will be able to register for classes for the 2015-16 school year AND obtain information regarding clubs and activities offered at Elyria High School.

As one of the clubs attending the event tomorrow night, we the Herald are reaching out to all those interested in journalism, digital design, photography, editing, and advertising. The Herald is not only a great production to showcase these interests, but a great way for Freshmen to make friends with EHS students of all classes.

To answer any questions regarding the Herald or to learn how you can become a member, be sure to stop by the EHS Performing Arts Center tomorrow night between 6:30-8:00pm.

Hope to see you there!

The EHS Herald Joins Facebook!

The EHS Herald recently created a Facebook page in order reach audiences via social media! Be sure to like our page at to show your support of the EHS Herald and to gain access to news articles and upcoming events centered around Elyria High School!

Jim Rome’s Opinion on Marching Band

By Daniel March

Earlier this week at the Rose Bowl parade before the game with Oregon vs. Florida State, thousands of musicians participated in the parade, being a part of multiple marching bands. One well-known man wasn’t too thrilled with the pre-show. Jim Rome, a football commentator tweeted that day, “Is there anyone not in a marching band who thinks those dorks running around with their instruments are cool?”  This statement Jim made that day was a cry for drama against the marching band nation.

I believe Jim Rome made a rude unprofessional comment that states a sense of stereotypically involved dominance of sports and athleticism over performing arts and the mentally empowered. I could argue about how Jim’s opinion is inaccurate, but what’s more important to acknowledge is the bullying side of the topic. I don’t mind that Jim may have his own opinions about marching band being for “nerds”, but making such a tweet on a public social media site is considered cyber-bullying. Jim later apologizes, stating to his victimized viewers, “Band nation – I hear you. I was out of line. I apologize. I do not condone bullying of any kind and that was not my intent.” There are two flaws to Jim’s words.

First off, we live in a society where you can’t just shout things out and expect zero consequences. I can’t just laugh at a self-conscious overweight girl for being fat because I find it funny. This act of cyber-bullying is an action that contradicts the First Amendment.

Secondly, if Jim Rome doesn’t “condone bullying of any kind” and it “wasn’t [his] intent”, what was his reasonings? What other possible intentions were made by Jim with his tweet? I personally can’t make any other connections with the statement he made that would result in anything that isn’t in the form of bullying, unless Jim Rome was speaking in a foreign language that coincidently had the same letter patterns as the English interpretation of his statement.

I believe that Jim Rome has made a terrible mistake. There’s nothing we can really do about it other than shun him for his ignorance. The best we can do is to be the mature adult in the situation and ignore him and any future insults he may make. There aren’t any excess punishments needed to be thrown at Jim. He has already punished his self for his actions. Mr. Rome has not only given himself a bad reputation, but he has lost respect from millions of people who are involved with and/or appreciate performing arts.


The Ode to the Timelord

By: Christian Johnson

Box so blue, Box so bright, box appears into the night.

A man jumps out and keeps on running, saves our world doesn’t need credit.

Has a companion you know you can bet it, A smile so wide and what do you see?

Still running and running and saying “Allon-sy!” Keeping his paces and keeping them well.

So us Humans will never fall, He keeps the room loud, So no silence can rise.

He never is R-Ood and he finds us Dalektable. The smart, fast , and well paced Doctor,

The only one with no degree, The well kept yet raggedy Doctor, the one that’s there but we never see.

Around and Around

By Alejandro Figueroa

And around and around we go


You always seem to ignore

What really is happening

You just go around it

Like a never ending cycle

Like a vicious circle

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Jan. 10 Chipotle Fundraiser Benefits Softball Team

The Lady Pioneers Softball team is having a fundraiser on Saturday, January 10. To support the team, please click on the link below and either print it or show the cashier upon purchase. Fifty percent of the proceeds benefit the team.

Softball Chipotle



On Monday, January 12, all students and staff can wear red and/or Ohio State clothing. It’s a free jeans, sportswear, and hat day if you wear red and/or Ohio State.

We are celebrating the  Ohio Sate team going to the National Championship.

The two homerooms that wear the most red and/or Ohio State wear by percentage will get a raffle ticket for a chance to win several gift cards that will be raffled off that afternoon.

All teachers will have to email the principal/office by 2:00 p.m. on Monday for a chance to win.

Go Bucks!

Prom Committee Event Planners Needed

Seniors who like to plan events are needed to work on the Prom Committee.

Sign-up sheets are outside room 224 and the senior class office in the Team 1/4 office.   If you have any questions see Mrs. Baytos in room 224.

Prom is scheduled Saturday, May 9 at Wagner’s in Westlake, from 6:30 p.m. until midnight.

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