Vampire Knight Memories Sequel

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By: Cassiopeia Hennes

There is more to Vampire Knight than what was left off in the first manga. The creator made a sequel to continue the series, which came out this last summer in Japan. It’s gonna take a while for it to get here; perhaps one, or even two years. The sequel starts off after Kaname commits suicide and becomes human. The series will focus on Kaname and Yuki’s children Ren and Ai. There will be flashbacks of Yuki and Zero’s relationship after Kaname died.

Vampire Knight is a manga about a girl named Yuki Cross whose earliest memory is of being attacked by a vampire and saved by Kaname Kuran, who is revealed to be her brother and her future husband. 10 years later, Yuki and the vampire hunter, Zero Kiryu, are in Cross Academy as school guardians protecting the “Day Class”, normal human students, from the “Night Class”, vampire students. The story follows Yuki’s discovery of her childhood friend Zero, who has spent the last four years trying to fight his transformation into a vampire until he has finally succumbed. Yuki struggles to help Zero fight his blood lust and to recover her own lost memories. She also suspects that Kaname knows more than he is saying.

Yuki’s mother was in fact a pureblood and wanted her to have a human life so she gave Yuki away to a former vampire slayer. When his uncle, Rido Kuran returns to kill Yuki, Kaname is forced to reveal her secret by biting Yuki and awakening her true nature as a pureblood vampire princess and returning her memories of being Yuki Kuran, his supposed younger sister. Rido is killed by Zero and Yuki while Kaname faces and destroys Rido’s allies, the Vampire Council, revealing Rido to be one of the original vampires and the founder of the Kuran clan. Yuki and Zero part as enemies after Zero reveals he intends to end everything, by killing all purebloods; even her. Yuki leaves with Kaname and they return to the Kuran family home. The story restarts a year later with Yuki dealing with vampire society and new enemies, such as Sara Shirabuki.

Whether you like the cute guys and mystery, like me, or prefer the romantic parts of the series, you should definitely read the sequel. It keeps the manga going and tells more detail about what happens to Kaname after he becomes human. Not to mention, you get to know more about the all the characters in the series.


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Anime Party!!

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Santa’s Workshop

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Ouija Board

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Do you believe in the Ouija Board? Not a lot of people do, but I do (just so you know) and during my weekend, two of my closest friends came over to my house. When it hit midnight, my friends and I played with a Ouija Board.

We got to talk to two ghost or sprites. Ghosts are just like us. There are evil and good ghosts. My friends and I got to talk to one evil ghost and one good one. The evil one was named Dave the good was called Oxy, but while we were talking to Oxy, he told us some stuff we wanted to know. He said that he and not only him can see the future of people so we asked some questions about what’s going to happen in the future.

Now here is my question for you: If you got a chance to know your future but not change it would you want to know?



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Any EHS student who has recently logged onto a computer may have noticed that when you enter your Chrome browser, you get a webpage that says ClassLink and shows a sign in page.

This is something new this year. If you log in with the same information you use to log into the computer you can access a great amount of resources.

After you log in, you will be taken to a page that has a series of links. It gives you quick access to the Elyria City Schools homepage, your google drive, and other apps such as Naviance, Schoology, Powerschool, Achieve 3000, Google Classroom, INF Ohio, IXL, and Smarty Ants Students. These great links are very helpful.

This new ClassLink is a great resource for students, and they should definitely use it.

Naviance is one of the new links that ClassLink gives access to. This site helps keep track of student information, and helps students prepare for their future. It has tests to help students figure out what field they may be good at and enjoy. It also provides class rank and other personal information, as well as links to the FAFSA, the ACT and SAT websites, and much more. It can also help students with college searches.

INF Ohio is a digital library for students  in grades K through 12. Google Classroom lets you easily talk your classmates and to help share your assignments and materials. Achieve 300 is an online site that helps students with literacy skills. Smarty Ants Students works with Achieve 3000 in helping students with reading skills that will help them after high school with careers or college. IXL on the other hand, is similar to Achieve 3000 except that it is geared towards math instead of literacy skills. It offers an unlimited number of math problems for students to practice with on all levels of math.

The links that are available for easy access to students. Take advantage of these opportunities and use the links to their fullest extent. It can only help in the long run.



A Charlie Brown Christmas Special

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On Friday, December 9th, the EHS Madrigals performed a Charlie Brown Christmas Play. This was in the PAC and this was a new Christmas special. It was near capacity. Despise the lighting and sound problems, overall the acting was good.




Santa And His Believers.

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Do you believe in the big man? No, not God but Santa Clause. CBS News says that in all of kids between the ages of two and ten only about 8% believe in Santa.

This can be a serious problem, children should all have something to believe in. At a young age we don’t know whats good or bad. Santa gives kids that don’t have anything else something to believe in. Some small children come from bad situations and don’t have anywhere to put their beliefs. Though most adults are “too lazy” to even try to have their kids believe, they talk about “false hope.” Some psychologists state that the believing of Santa is actually good for children.

Like every good book, the fun must come to an end. Eventually parents tell their children or a close friend to the child lets them in on the little secret. Most children take it good, but it is supposed to teach, not tear them apart. Most children by the age of nine or ten know that he’s not real anymore. It teaches children that even when it might be a false hope there is always something to believe in. No matter what others think, say, or do. It is up to you to let them believe or take their potential and possible memories.



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Why is the red flower called a “Rose”?

The names chosen for roses are all-important. Breeders usually select a name that helps describe the rose’s heritage. Marketers want a name that will sell and become the next household word.

For instance, “Radrazz” is the breeder name for the well-known Knock Out rose. The beloved yellow Julia Child rose goes by the breeder name “WEKvossutono.” It’s easy to see why even rose aficionados find breeder names tough to remember.

In the early 20th century, rose breeders named roses after family members. A classic is the Dorothy Perkins rose, named after the granddaughter of rose breeder Charles Perkins of Jackson & Perkins Roses. By the 1950s, in a bid to popularize new roses, inspiration for rose names shifted to Hollywood stars, like Cary Grant, Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn.

Some rose names have stood the test of time, like Peace or Queen Elizabeth. Others, like Knock Out or Flower Carpet, have entered the modern vernacular courtesy of clever marketing schemes and widespread availability through retail box stores.


Bad Weather

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Beyond the flimsy walls

the wind whips and wails.

I stand beside the window,

peering outward at the night.

I am like a child, meek and spineless,

listening attentively to the sound of

rustling leaves

and the creaking of the roof.


I see nothing but darkness.

Storm clouds crowd the sky but are impossible to distinguish.

Four houses down, a neighbor’s dog barks excessively,

surely threatened by the storm.

Faintly, I can hear the voice of a forecaster

filtering in from downstairs,

stating that the storm will blow over by midnight.

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Santa shop!

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