Yoga Club

Yoga club will not be meeting until the musical is concluded. The next meetings will be Tuesday morning, November 16th and Friday after school on  November 20th. Further dates have not been released yet.

Upcoming Orchestra Concerts

By: DeAnna MacKeigan

For anyone interested, the Elyria High orchestras are having an upcoming concert on December 9th. Since it is a winter concert, we plan on playing some holiday songs, including ones from the movies Frozen and Home Alone, and other classics that everyone should know.  The concert will be at the Performing Arts Center starting at 7:00, and is free. Hope you can come!

Anime Club has Halloween Spirit!


On October 29th the Anime club at Elyria High School had their Halloween party. Complete with food, costumes, and anime, it was as weird as ever. Keeping true to Anime Club’s motto of “Keeping it weird”, the party was enjoyable for everyone.


The theme of the party was Soul Eater, and had around forty people in attendance. The party went on without  a hitch, and after it was over several club members went and helped out with the trunk or treat that was going on in the school parking lot. It was a huge success and the club’s next meeting is November 13.


Marijuana Legalization Goes Up in Flames

By: Jace Cudlin

This past Tuesday all of Ohio voted on the legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana use, and though the bill didn’t even come close to passing, the efforts to legalize the drug are surely only temporarily halted. The bill failed miserably, with 50,377 people voting it down(63.3%), and only 29,237 people voting in favor of the issue(36.7%). Issue 3 meant the recreational and medicinal legalization of marijuana, and had it passed it  would have brought many new jobs and various tax revenues to our state.The bill would have only allowed ten growing locations to be built throughout the state, one being on a stretch of land near the Black River. The bill would have also meant a new testing facility in Oberlin. It is proposed that the bill may have failed because a great deal of those who support the legalization of marijuana don’t vote or aren’t even registered. Another theory is that because it was an off-year election, most of the people who voted were older and more conservative, both groups opposing legalization strongly.

Since the legalization of Marijuana in Colorado in 2014, there have been lives damaged by marijuana, lives lost, many cases of marijuana crossing Colorado’s borders illegally, and many accounts of the drug falling into the hands of children. But since Colorado passed Amendment 64 to legalize the recreational use of marijuana robberies have gone down 4.8 percent, assaults have dropped 3.7%, and general crime rate has went down almost 10%. Whether this has any actual correlation with the legalization of marijuana or if it is just mere coincidence is hard to say.

Colorado doesn’t seem to be any worse off than they were in 2013 before the amendment was passed, so who’s to say the same thing won’t occur in Ohio? Recreational marijuana use will not be allowed in Ohio anytime soon, but medicinal marijuana use may be a different story. 23 states nationwide as well as D.C. have already legalized medicinal marijuana, so it may be coming Ohio’s way very soon. ResponsibleOhio, a political action committee, backed the issue wholeheartedly and vowed that marijuana reform will again be on the ballot next November.

Marijuana legalization has been staved off for now in the great Buckeye state, but our future in that aspect is very much undecided.

Elyria Mayorial Election

By: Jace Cudlin

All of us here at Elyria High School are probably curious as to why we didn’t have school on Tuesday November 3rd, and we can thank the city of Elyria for granting us this short break from our studies. Tuesday, November 3rd, is election day in Elyria. Multiple elections were voted on, including the different ward council elections, the council at Large election, and the Elyria School board election. The most important election however, is the one that will determine Elyria’s mayor for the next four years. The race involves four different candidates. The incumbent, Holly Brinda, will represent the Democratic party. The Republican candidate, Garry Gibbs, is Brinda’s main road block in this election. Two other candidates, Tim Quinn, running as an independent, and Chalene Mudd, a write-in, could also draw in some votes.

Holly Brinda, 58, was on the Elyria School board before taking office on January 1, 2012. She has been our mayor for the last four years and is now seeking re-election. Brinda’s tenure as mayor has had it’s high points, including her bringing back the Police Department’s narcotics unit and her making $46 million in infrastructure improvements. But she’s also had some mishaps, especially in the last 12 months in which she lost Bendix Commercial Vehicle systems to Avon and created an income tax initiative that failed miserably at the polls. Brinda is still optimistic however and hopes to clean up downtown and rebuild general industry if re-elected.

Garry Gibbs, 57, is the best Republican candidate Elyria’s seen in decades. Gibbs is the Vice President of the GRA group and was on the Elyria City Council, representing the third ward, for 20 years before deciding to run for mayor. Gibbs plans to build up the tax base and bring in industry to Elyria, all while not asking for any new taxes.

Tim Quinn, 73, a retired contractor who ran Telt Construction in Cleveland until 1997, is taking his third run at the mayor position. Quinn ran in 2011 as an independent before being removed from the ballot, and ran in 2007 as the Republican opponent to Bill Grace, only losing to Grace by a few hundred votes. Quinn feels his experience as a contractor and company owner will help him put Elyria in the right direction and re-introduce jobs and industry to our city.

Chalene Mudd, 40, is a mother and grandmother and very active member of her community. She is also the CEO of HuSU Inc., an advocacy group for families dealing with the outcomes of lead poisoning in children. Mudd was a big supporter of incumbent Holly Brinda, but not being impressed by her work as mayor so far has made her decide to challenge her old idol. Mudd believes that the major problems facing Elyria are the lack of well-paying jobs and community resources.

Whoever Elyria’s new mayor will be will have their work cut out for them. They will have to endure possible layoffs, tax initiatives, budget constraints and negotiating collective bargaining agreements. Elyria will also face a deficit of nearly $20 million by 2020. Each of these four candidates with their unique backgrounds and experiences can surely make a difference if elected, and hopefully our new mayor is up to the task and can lead Elyria into a new era of efficiency and prosperity.

Seniors are Needed to Help Plan Prom

Do you like to plan events?  Do you want to make this year’s Senior Prom a night to remember?  Then be a part of the Prom Committee, sign-ups are outside room 224 and the Senior Class Office located in the Team 2/4 office.

Family and Consumer Science Club’s Next Meeting

FACS Club would like you to know that November is National Family Caregivers’ Month. Every single day selfless and loving people provide care and support to family members and friends in need.  During this month we rededicate ourselves to making sure our selfless caregivers have the support they need to maintain their own well-being and that of those they love.  Next FACS Club meeting is Nov 24th!

Nature’s Song

By:  Mechella Jeziorski

In the dark of the night.

The wolves are howling at the moon in the sky.

In the forest at dawn.

The deer are running long.

Dancing to my song.

Till the hunters kill them all.

You can sing with your voice.

You can sing from your heart.

Nature’s Song.

When the river is flowing by.

The birds are in the sky.

Dancing in the breeze.

In the tallness of the trees.

When the waves are calming down.

All the people come to town.

To sleep forevermore.

In the gentleness of her.

You can sing with your voice.

You can sing from your heart.

Nature’s Song.



Heroin: More Than A Drug

By: Jace Cudlin

Recently, a documentary in production has been gaining some attention. The documentary details the trials of those who use heroin and how heroin use is steadily sweeping across small towns all over the nation. Heroin: More Than A Drug is told from the perspectives of those who use heroin, providing an incredible insight into the world of drug use and how it affects not only the person using heroin, but how it affects their community and the people around them. The video was put together by Hunter Prunty, a Recording Arts and Technology student at Cuyahoga Community College, and Evan Prunty, a Film and Digital  Media student at Cleveland State University. Both Hunter and Evan have seen how drug abuse can tear apart families and destroy people’s lives, and by partnering with schools all across Indiana and Ohio they hope to spread awareness on heroin abuse and maybe even deter high school students from participating.

The Prunty boys invested countless hours and $1000 of their own money to make their vision a reality. The overall cost of the project was calculated to be $5864.14, in order to achieve the effect and the visual images they believed would best capture the film’s theme. Requested from the community to help fund their project was another $1000 through donations, offering numerous perks for various amounts donated. Those who gave a $5 donation received their name in the movie’s end credits, $10 got you access to behind the scenes photos and videos, $25 let you stream the movie early before its release, $50 got you a poster and movie soundtrack, $100 earned you the VIP experience at Gibson Theater Premiere, and $500 got you everything listed above as well as executive producer credits. Due to these incentives the boys ended up raising $1,105 in just one month.

The film test screened at the Gibson Theater on August 16th, 2015,  but is set for world -wide release this spring and will include various stories of men and women who have at some point in their lives abused heroin. One of the participants, Jake, a talented musician from Cleveland, first tried heroin when he was 15 years old. In having these people share their experiences, Hunter and Evan intend to expose young teens to the dangerous affects of heroin, showing them how drastically it can transform your life, and hopefully prevent teens (as well as anyone else) from getting involved with such a risky drug. They also hope to raise awareness in adults and community leaders to prove to them that heroin abuse is no joke and that it can happen no matter where you are, what your social class is, or how old you are.

This powerful and inspirational documentary is highly anticipated. Hunter and Evan Prunty have worked without rest on this project and surely it will make an impact and draw attention to the abuse of heroin like our community and so many other small communities so need it to.



Homecoming in 2015

By Damarilys Hernandez

Homecoming is the time of year where there is the most school spirit.

Student Council adviser Ms. Biltz said that the theme for the homecoming dance this year was “Under the Sea.” There were colors like teal, silver and some other ocean colors.The DJ was the same one used in the winter formal last year.The food served were cookies and water.

Tickets people cost $15 for one person and $25 for two people. Ticket purchases pay for the dance and future Student Council activities. This year at the dance instead of a photo booth like they use every year there was a green screen.

The next activity that is for Homecoming is the homecoming game, this year we played the Solon Comets. The game was held at Ely Stadium.

The next activity for Homecoming was the pep rally. The Pep rally occurred on October 15 during a pm assembly. At the Pep Rally the Homecoming princes, king, and princesses were introduced. The queen was introduced at the game.

In the Pep Rally there were games like Panny-hose bowling, human hungry hippos and under the sea scavenger hunt.

During spirit week Homerooms will be keeping spirit points that will see which grades had the most students that participated in spirit week. These are the activities that happen during Homecoming there are a lot but that is what makes homecoming fun there is something for everyone.

A Media Production of Elyria High School

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