Allies Club

By: Ashley Moen

What are Allies? Allies are a group of people who band together to support each other and each other’s orientations on life. It is a gay- straight alliance to show that people can and should be themselves and should not be pressured to be someone or something they are not. In fact, according to, the definition of an Ally is a straight person who supports people who identify differently.

People are all born differently. Some feel attracted to guys, some feel attracted to girls, some to both, and some to no one at all. These people are often attacked as being different for who they feel attracted to, and others attack them because they do not understand. Everyone is human and should be treated as human. Just because someone thinks differently does not mean that either person is wrong, it simply means they are different and have different opinions. Respecting other peoples’ choices is apart of life and will help stop violence and keep peace not only in school, but throughout the world.

People all over the world have identified as gay, lesbian, bisexual, pan-sexual, asexual, transgender and other sexual orientations and identifications, but not all of them gain support for being themselves. Often children are born into homes that shun being anything but straight, and when those kids realize they do not fit their family’s image of their child they will hid who they really are. Parents say it is just a phase, and they would be right if they meant that it was a phase that lasts their entire lives, because these feelings of differing sexual orientation never go away.

What does it mean to be gay or lesbian? It means that you are either a male who likes other males (gay) or a girl who likes other girls (lesbian). It doesn’t mean you hate the opposite gender, (in fact, in my experiences gay and lesbian people are very kind to both genders, as are straight people), it just means you go against the social norm. However, the term “social norm” does not really mean anything, it just says what most people are, and it never has described every single person. Human beings  are different just by appearance, so it makes sense that their feelings would be different to.

What about Pan-sexual and Bisexual? Pan-sexual is someone who likes both males and females. However, they  focus more  on a person’s personality more then any other factor when determining who to date. Bisexual people like people of both genders as well. However, someone who is bisexual will  go more towards one’s appearance. And Asexual? That is someone who is not attracted to any person of any gender in any way.

What about transgender, and agender? Transgender is a biological male or female that feels trapped in the wrong body. They identify as the opposite gender than how they were born. Agender is a person who feels like they have no gender. Then you have gender-queer who are people who either go back and forth or identify as both. All these people have internal problems and outside influences of stress just like any straight person. They just have some more unneeded stress on top of all the normal problems.

Of course, these are only the basic definitions of some of the more well know orientations and identifications. There are many more and the ones listed above have much more depth involved. But the fact that these people are humans and should be treated like humans stands tall. Just over the summer in June 2015 the Supreme Court passed Obergefell v. Hodges, which legalized same- sex marriage in all fifty states in the US. This historical moment shows that people are accepting others and people are embracing their differences in a land where everyone is free and equal.

The Allies Club at Elyria High School stands in support for those who are different and can’t always be themselves. The club was formed with lots of hate from a multitude of people in the community and the support the club got back was even larger. The club got letters from other schools that had Allies clubs and they showed their support for our school’s club. The students helped by organizing marches and proved that people need to be themselves. In fact, after all the hate the club got, the next meeting had over 100 members, most of whom did not plan to join at first, but wanted to show their support! If you want to help support the world as it moves forward in helping everyone be themselves despite all their differences, then please come join the EHS Allies Club. The next meeting is September 23 in room 203. We look forward to your support.

The Deputies Baton, Flag, and Drum Corps

By Shyenne Miller

The Deputies Baton, Flag, and Drum Corps is a local group that competes in numerous parades and competitions. The most recent parade they did was the Milan Melon Festival. Both the Juniors and the Juveniles got first place in this parade.

The most recent competition they did was Twirlmania. They went down to Disney World in February of this year to compete. They came back victors as they do in mostly everything they do. They got third place in the night time parade, second place on the floor competition for Juniors, and first for Juveniles.

The next parade they will do is the Wolly Bear Festival.

They practice every Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm at Cascade Park until it gets too cold, and then they practice at the local Boys and Girls Club.

They are looking for more members to join ages 4-18 for twirlers and 7-20 for drummers. So, if you are interested stop by when they are practicing or you can find them on Facebook: The Deputies Baton Flag and Drum Corps.

Greetings From The Herald

Welcome back students, staff, and faithful viewers! The Herald is back and in full swing, with many new members this year. If you would still like to join, it is never too late! Simply head on down to room 137 on Tuesdays after school and we will get you signed up. As for our viewers, please check back weekly for new stories. Thank you and happy writing!

First Blood Drive of the Year is Scheduled

It’s that time of year again: Blood Drive Time on Wednesday, September 2, all day in the Performing Arts Center Lobby.
Good news: Anyone that donates blood at the first blood drive gets a FREE $20 gift card to Giant Eagle!! This includes staff and students!
The rest of the blood drive dates are:
October 28
January 6th
March 17
Friday, May 13 (why not schedule the last blood drive )


Dance Team Car Wash

The Elyria High School Dance Team will have a car wash this Saturday, July 25 from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the Elyria Pioneer Soccer Fields at 570 N. Abbe Road.

Car washDonations will be accepted and all proceeds benefit the Elyria High School Dance Team.

Happy Summer From The Herald

Greetings, and welcome to our page! The EHS Herald had a busy final month of the school year, as our staff was hard at work on our well-known Super Senior issue. The issue was a success, and we would like to thank all of our supporters who bought advertising and helped to make this wonderful project happen. We the staff would like to wish all of our readers a safe and enjoyable summer and remind you to look for more intriguing articles from our new and returning members in early September. Happy writing!

Seniors are MORP Extreme Volleyball Champs

By Tina Biltz

Thursday, April 30 night was the 2015 MORP Extreme Volleyball game.  The Freshmen and Sophomores played HARD with only 5 players and no one to sub out.  But alas they fell to the Juniors and Seniors in their matches…though they were tight!

Seniors and Juniors went up against each other in the Championship round and though the Seniors dominated that game, the Juniors came back from a 10 point deficit.

MORP 2015 Senior Champions (2)
Seniors proudly display their trophy for the MORP Volleyball championship.

But in the end, the Seniors reigned supreme! Congratulations Seniors and all those who participated.

Tonight is the Girls Extreme Football game at Ely Stadium at 6:00.


Pioneer Proud Malcolm Newson

Submitted by Julie Owca

Smalley Newsome

Kirk Smalley, left and Malcolm Newson

Yesterday during the “Stand for the Silent” presentation, Malcolm had the courage and compassion to walk to the front of the Performing Arts Center during the assembly to give the speaker, Mr. Kirk Smalley, a hug.

Mr. Smalley was telling the students how his son took his own life due to bullying.  Malcolm started a wave of support from other students who also felt compelled to hug Mr. Smalley during the presentation to show support.

After the assembly Mr. Smalley said in all of his time giving the presentations, that has never happened, and it was awesome!

Thank you Malcolm for “Being a Pioneer” and demonstrating respect—we are so proud of you!


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