Spring Break: An 80’s Movie Marathon

With spring break right around the corner I’m sure you have started planning what you are going to be indulging in on Netflix, or Hulu. If not, you are in luck.
80’s movies have a special place in all of our hearts. I may have a problem with watching too many. But hey, the 80’s seemed like a pretty fun time based on these movies and I don’t mind pretending I’m right there with Andie making her pink dress for the Prom from Pretty in Pink.
Any ways, here is a list of my top three personal favorites. Maybe you’ll be intrigued to watch a few in the coming spring break. I know I will.

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Kids with Character

Kids with Character
L to r: Danyell Dukes, Nya Massey, Khadijah Wood and Christina Shores

Story and photo by Julie Owca, assistant principal

“The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.” 

Last week Christina Shores dropped $30.00  out of her pocket as she was walking down the hallway.  She had no idea that she dropped it.  Luckily for her, Danyell, Nya and Khadijah were behind her and witnessed her dropping the money.   Because these three girls have “character when no one is watching” they immediately took the money to the office and told the secretary what happened.  Christina was given the money back later that day.  Could they have kept the money and split it three ways?  Yes.  Did they? No, because these students truly have character.  THANK YOU  Danyell, Nya and Khadijah for “Being Pioneers” and demonstrating responsibility. 


Pioneer Club Annual Sports Night Out and Reverse Raffle Mar. 26

The 26th Annual Elyria Pioneer Club will be held Saturday, March 28 at the VFW at 500 South Abbe Road from 6:00 p.m.  until 11:00 p.m. A buffet dinner with beverages will be provided.

For additional information click on the link below.

EPC RR invitation 2015

Weekly Brain Teaser! (03/24/15)

Fraudulent Inventor

Professor Lipshultz was showing off his new inventions to a prospective investor. He told the investor that he had developed machines which would allow scientists to study the motion of gas molecules. His explanation of the machines was as follows:

‘The first unit will take in any gas and completely dry it, removing all traces of liquid. Right now it is removing water vapor from air…and now you can see the “DRY” light has come on.’

‘The second unit removes all but one molecule from the chamber. There you see the ‘READY’ light, indicating that only a single molecule remains.’

‘The third unit will analyze the contents of the chamber, determining exactly what chemicals are in the chamber, and in what quantity. And as you can see on the screen, the unit indicates “Air: 1 molecule”.’

“‘The final machine will trace the exact path that the molecule takes as it bounces around the chamber. The path is represented by the lines on this computer screen.’

‘I’m sorry,’ said the investor, ‘but you’re obviously lying to me. I can accept the fact that three of the four machines COULD work as you say, but one of them is obviously a fake.’

Which machine was the fake?

Think you’ve got the answer? Leave a comment below.

Every Tuesday I plan to upload a brain teaser, each with the previous week’s answer.

This brain teaser came from braingle.com.

Previous answer

Jamie died of carbon dioxide poisoning. The pole was 5′ long, but only the size of a quarter.
The first time he breathed in, he breathed oxygen. When he exhaled, the air could not travel 5′ before he breathed in again. He was just breathing what he exhaled. Before long, all he was breathing was carbon dioxide. He died of CO2 poisoning.

Doctor Dodge was the one who told him to use the pole, therefore the cause of his death. Dodge is a DOCTOR, and therefore knows about the CO2. Dodge did murder Jamie. His motive: the money in the will.

New York Here We Come!!

The time has arrived!! Thanks to the support of readers like you, yours truly will be driving off today to New York for the 91st annual Columbia Scholastic Press Association Spring Scholastic Convention. We at the Herald are bursting at the seams with excitement and cannot wait to view the ‘BIG’ city with our own eyes. The best part about our trip? You at home will also be able to view the marvelous sights we encounter in NY by following our journey on the EHS Herald’s Facebook page: The EHS Herald !! We’ll be sharing what we see as quick as we can type, so be sure to check in on Thursday and Friday to join in on our experience!

Two Students Win Top Scholastics Arts Awards

b_1473942_early-morning-lane (1)
Noah’s painting is entitled “Sunrise in the Road.”
Calebs the Shredder
Caleb’s work is entitled “The Shredder.”









Seniors Noah Katrinchack and Caleb Arnold are national award winning Scholastics Art students!!!!  They were in the top one percent  of the nation out of 300,000 entries!!!

What Band Means to Me

Band is a very special class. It means a lot to not only me, but to many other people.

Everyone thinks band is an A+ class. That it’s so easy and there’s no work in there, but they’re wrong. Band is a really rough class. You need to have talent and music coming from your heart.

You need to speak music, feel it, and hear music. You have to work at it and you improve everyday.

Band is a great program and we’re so lucky to have it at Elyria High.  The band teacher, Mr. Shepka, is a great teacher. He really connects with the students and makes them feel good about being in band and their musical talent.

Music is a great thing in this world. Being in band helps people to escape the stresses of life by allowing them to hear wonderful pieces of music that were written and play those pieces.

When you play an instrument, you see black and white on paper. You’re the one that adds the color to it and makes the music come alive and touch so many people. So be thankful that we have wonderful music to not only listen to, but to play, speak, love, and feel.

Stop the Stress

Being a student is a lot of work, and students are not given enough credit for all the things they do on a daily basis. Getting up early, class work and homework, plus after school activities, and not to mention social activities, like hanging out with friends or family. That is a busy schedule for just one person. The stress created by these busy schedules can cause a great deal of problems to a students health and well-being. Luckily, there are a few ways to relieve some of that stress!

1.) Pay attention to how your body feels when you are stressed out. This way you will know what to focus on to fix it, and when to take a break.

2.) Take five minutes to breath deeply, slow down your heart rate, and lower your blood pressure caused by stress. Sit up straight and breathe from your stomach and your nose with your eyes closed.

3.) Take a moment to calm down by thinking about the area around you, and “be in the moment”. Think about how the air feels, or how the ground feels with your feet rubbing it. This can make you less tense by taking your mind off of your schedule for a second.

4.) Reach out to your friends and family. Talk to them and sort out your problems, or just to get your mind off of what’s bothering.

5.) Laugh out loud! Find some funny jokes, watch a comedy, or just joke around with your best friend. This will boost brain chemicals and improve you mood, making it easier to tackle all your work.

6.) Listen to music. If you listen to your favorite songs, it will pump you up and improve your mood, just like laughing does. Sing your heart out and get the pressure off your chest!

7.) Exercising helps your body practice dealing with stress, but in a more fun way for you. It is not only very healthy for you to get up and move, but will improve your mood as well!

8.) Writing can also help you to get your mind off of things and release all the problems you have bottled inside you. Keep a journal by you, and use it whenever you start to get frustrated or upset.

9.) Get creative and work on something artistic, such as drawing or painting. Make something as a reminder to be happy and don’t worry, life is good!!

10.) Take a shower. The water rushing over you can be relaxing, and being clean feels good as well. Take the time to sort out your problems and think about what could make you feel better.

Hope these tips help!!

Choir and Orchestra concerts on Sunday 3/8 and Monday 3/9!

On Sunday, March 8, the EHS choir department will host their third concert of the year, featuring all choirs involved. The concert will start with the Madrigal choir and end with the A Cappella choir. This will be in the Performing Arts Center of Elyria High School and will start at 3:00 PM. We hope to see you there!

On Monday, March 9, an orchestra concert will be held in the Performing Arts Center at 7:00 PM.

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